Black History Month 2022

Our league is anchored firmly in Raleigh, and the cornerstones of our organization are charitable giving, community service, and celebrating our diverse group of players. One of the great aspects of living in a vibrant and growing metropolitan area like our city and its surroundings is that we can reap the benefits of the energy of our population’s talents…an example of this is the rich amount of Black History Month events that are accessible (many are free) to all of us. Here are just SOME of the exciting things going on this month!

NCSU has a fantastic series of events all month long that elevate and explore intellectual aspects of Black History Month. Please click the “I’m Interested” buttons beside events you would like more information on and the details are there, including directions.

The awesomely beautiful Transfer Co. Food Hall on the east side of downtown hosts a bazaar of local Black-owned businesses in the food hall ballroom mid-month. All of the extraordinarily Raleigh-centric cool things in this food hall PLUS this bazaar on a Saturday afternoon? Put this on your calendars now and show up to support this event!

Rounding out this compendium of Black History Month events is this list that extends beyond Raleigh (for some of these events). The scope of these events are as varied as their locations, and most are free. There’s not much of an excuse to miss any of these, as they are public, they’ll be educational, and they’ll be fun. Let’s make this year’s Black History Month a memorable one by participating in the myriad of things happening all around us in this great city (and metro area) we share!

Acknowledgement: Credit for the Black History Month image we’ve adapted for use here and on our social media goes entirely to the designers at NCSU who put together the resources for the African American Cultural Center’s pages and materials.