Welcome to Oak City Softball League

Our season got underway on Sunday, August 20 – a HOT late summer day, but all 22 teams got their two scheduled games in. We’re pretty stoked to add new players and teams to our community, and can’t wait to get our seasonal charitable project underway in a few weeks!

Each Open Division team is planned to play 14 regular season games, and a minimum of 2 games in the season-ending tournament; our Women’s+ Division teams will each play 10 regular season games, and like the Open Division teams, will play a minimum of 2 games in our season-ending tournament (the tournament for both divisions will be double-elimination format, weather permitting). Our league is intended to provide a welcoming, respectful environment for LGBTQIA+ (and allied) players and teams; our rules of play and code of conduct are posted on this website to provide the proper expections to everyone affiliated with our league.

OCSL Open Division – Fall 2023

1Only Fans601.0000.583494-02-0W6
3Turn N’ Burn510.8331.5102725-10-0W2
4That Dog’ll Hunt310.7502.529160-03-1W2
5Minor League420.6672.561361-03-2W1
6Any Position330.5003.542-290-23-1L3
6Inside the Spark330.5003.543-33-20-1L2
6Just the Foul Tip330.5003.549-20-23-1W1
6Major League330.5003.565180-13-2W1
6Quit Your Pitching330.5003.552-30-03-3W3
6Those Guys330.5003.538-30-03-3W1
16Fruit Loops150.1675.526-301-40-1L1
17Hard Apple Sliders060.0006.542-660-40-2L6
17Muchos Caballos060.0006.510-630-10-5L6

OCSL Women’s+ Division – Fall 2023

1Rainbow Oreos510.833060355-10-0W2
2Calm Your Mitts320.6001.54732-01-2L1
3Golden Girls240.333344-150-02-4L1

Congratulations to Only Fans (pictured top) for battling through games on Sunday, June 9th and then again on Sunday, July 16th to emerge as Spring 2023 league tournament champions! Things appeared to favor a different outcome in the championship game at first, but they got that trophy – their opponents were Inside the Spark (pictured bottom), who proved themselves worthy challengers and earned second place! Cheers to both teams, and we’ll see ya back out there in late August!

We’d also like to congratulate Just the Foul Tip (pictured below), our Open/Coed Division’s Spring 2023 season champions – they were a welcome addition to our league this season and racked up an impressive collection of regular season wins!

Congratulations to Queen Misfits, champions of our Women’s+ Division Spring 2023 league double-elimination tournament, as well as season champs, with Rainbow Warriors tied for 2nd place in the tournament (held Sunday June 25th)! All three of the teams in our division tournament played through the heat and other issues and left it all on the field. We can’t wait to see everyone in August to do it all again!

Our season began Sunday, March 26 with 2 complete games held, then a storm rushed in and canceled the rest of the day’s games (those not played on Sunday have been moved to May 7th). We continued games on April 2nd, a gorgeous mid-60-degree day, and our entire league played their scheduled games. We welcomed Rev. Jimmy Gibbs, chaplain for the Raleigh Police Department (and a member of our community) to throw out the first pitch in our Open/Coed Division (he generously did the same our first weekend in our Women’s+ Division before the day became a rainout) — we are so happy to count on RPD as a partner organization! We had another beautiful day of games on April 16th, but were unfortunately rained out on April 23rd and 30th; we then returned and got back on track before breaking the weekend of June 10th-11th for our first national tournament, Oak City Swing, which by all accounts was a big success! Our games on Sunday, June 25th were our last weekend of regular season games (Open division) and our end of season tournament (Women’s+ division); our Open division will have a two-weekend double-elimination tournament beginning July 9th; as usual, we’ll be playing some great ballgames, socializing at both the fields and our host bar/restaurant, and continuing with our seasonal charitable project!

Spring 2023 will be our first season as Raleigh’s only member city organization of NAGAAA – North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, and our third season as Raleigh’s exclusive member city affliliation of ASANA – Amateur Sports Alliance of North America. We are so excited about our membership in both organizations, and we are very much looking forward to our inaugural national tournament encompassing both NAGAAA and ASANA players – more information will be coming during the first weeks of our season! 

A friendly reminder: Our league is intended to provide a welcoming, respectful environment for LGBTQIA+ (and allied) players and teams; our rules of play and code of conduct are posted on this website to provide the proper expectations to everyone affiliated with our league. Both of these items have been the subject of careful review by our leadership team and we believe they set us apart in a positive way in our quest to create a fun environment for our players — we’ve worked hard to put together what we think will be a great experience for everyone!

We use USA Softball Approved Bats Exclusively
We adhere to the use of USA Softball (formerly ASA) approved bats, exclusively. Bats need to have an ASA or USA Softball stamp, and not be on the USA Softball Non-Approved list (this PDF is dated 10-5-2021) in order to be used in Oak City Softball League games. What this means, other than bats not appearing on the ban list, is that any bats in league play MUST have an ASA/USA Softball stamp regardless of other organizations appearing on a bat (USSSA or NSA bats without an ASA/USA stamp are not allowed). Please see league staff if there are questions and we will clarify for you. If you would like to do further research, the updated list is kept on USA Softball’s website; additional explanation of terms, organizations, and stamps can be found in this blog post.