Oak City Softball League Code of Conduct

We would like to communicate to all existing and potential players that we have a code of conduct that we expect everyone to agree to and submit as part of becoming a player in our league. We are interested in building a supportive, respectful program that is a safe place for everyone who is a member. In that regard, please read, understand, and agree to the following code of conduct:

1) There will be zero tolerance for verbal or physical abuse of any kind, including threatening behavior, toward players or staff (including umpires). This behavior will result in an immediate and permanent ban from Oak City Softball League.

2) Umpires are employed by the league and are paid hourly. As representatives of the league, they are essentially running events on the field during play, and will not be subject to harrassment of any kind.

3) There is no scenario where stealing of equipment or any other item belonging to another party is acceptable.

4) We will provide on this website the banned bat documents published by USA Softball (formerly known as ASA), as we will ONLY use bats with ASA/USA Softball stamps on them that are not on the banned bat list. Bats from other organizations (such as NSA or USSSA) that don’t have an ASA/USA Softball stamp on them will not be allowed to be used in league play. Any attempt at using banned bats or modified bats (including attempts to be deceptive regarding this) will be viewed as being purposefully dishonest and subject to the same scrutiny as the other items listed on this page. It is the responsibility of players and captains to be aware of bats being used on their teams; bats will be subject to inspection at any time by any league official, including umpires.

Any of the above four items, when reported or noticed by league officials, will be the subject of a meeting of officials at the field and immediate scrutiny, which may result in a reprimand and a warning. A flagrant violation may include a permanent ban from league participation; this is at the discretion of league officials after reviewing the scope and severity of actions being analyzed. We take the safety of our league members seriously, and we are determined to promote a respectful environment.