You’ve reached the right place to sign up for Spring 2024 Season, and we are excited to announce that we now have THREE divisions in our league: Women’s+, Competitive Open/Coed, and new for 2024, Rec+ Open/Coed!

Continuing our previous 4 seasons of play as Raleigh’s ASANA member city association, we welcome players who identify as women, trans, or non-binary to our Women’s+ Division. All skill levels are encouraged in this division. (Registration for Spring 2024 season is now closed)

Competitive Open/Coed
We continue our tradition of the best of inclusive LGBT+ and Allied Coed softball with the same competitive spirit we’ve had since Fall 2021 in our Competitive Open Division. This division is a home for players with medium-to-advanced skill levels – this translates into iPride/NAGAAA C and higher division players (although we welcome anyone who chooses to “play up”). (Registration for Spring 2024 season is now closed)

Rec+ Open/Coed
Our new Rec+ Division is an inclusive home for LGBT+ and Allied Coed softballers who have skills that range from players beginning to play the game to players that are approaching competitive – this translates into iPride/NAGAAA D and E division rated players. We know that people want to play with their friends, and our league strongly encourages that, so in order to make that accommodation, we will allow up to two medium-to-advanced (NAGAAA C) players per team in this division. (Registration for Spring 2024 season is now closed)

Note: Spring 2024 is a qualifying season for all divisions for their respective World Series (Women’s+ for the ASANA World Series in Memphis in late summer, and Competive and Rec+ Divisions for the Gay Softball World Series in Las Vegas in fall)!