League Leadership

A builder. A social justice academic and professional. A wordsmith and chief operating officer. A math whiz and site management professional. An IT expert and operations manager. Oak City Softball League was envisioned and founded by a multidisciplinary group of friends with the desire to both welcome our LGBTQIA+ family (and allies) to be members of a recreationally competitive slow pitch softball league based in Raleigh, and at the same time being part of charitable giving to vetted, worthy nonprofit organizations in Wake County, as well as having involvement in community service projects. We are so grateful that our community showed up for our first season of play in November and December 2021; as we look to future seasons, we can’t wait to see old friends and new in the spirit of good sportspersonship at the fields we love playing on in Raleigh!

Update: We are proud to announce the addition of Lee and Melissa Simonetti (holding our league koozies) to our leadership team, beginning in Spring 2022 (and we can’t wait to take a group photo to encompass our new configuration!). They will be co-directing our Women’s+ Division, and with their stewardship of this important new part of our league, we look forward to providing an excellent softball experience for the women in our community!

Josh Kriger, League Commissioner
Ronnie Ezzell, League Assistant Commissioner
Lee Simonetti, Women’s+ Division Co-Director
Melissa Simonetti, Women’s+ Division Co-Director
Jennifer Lutz, League Secretary
Alan Pringle, League Treasurer
April Cook, At-Large Leadership Team Member
Angelo Barton, At-Large Leadership Team Member

Ronnie Ezzell, Competition Coordinator | NAGAAA Ratings Chair
Josh Kriger, NAGAAA Ratings Team Member
Brian Morris, Operations